Book and magazine holder, all our reading stands in bed

A selection of products that aim to be book supports, you will have notably book and magazine holders, reading stands in bed. You can even buy accessories to hold a book open without you holding it. Whether it’s for reading in the bath, reading in bed or reading a recipe in the kitchen, book stands are for you!


Book support

Open book support


Book support

Plastic book holder


Book support

Wooden book support


Accessory and object to hold a book open

This is the big news of this year that is relatively useful for people who read books, you will need an accessory and object to hold a book open. If you are someone who often makes recipes in books or you like to read in bed comfortably without disturbing your hands to hold your book, there are effective solutions that allow this. For a greater comfort during your reading, there is now the possibility to buy accessories to hold a book open, you will have the plastic book holder that holds the pages thanks to small arms or, a wooden book holder made so that your book does not close. Also, we have cheap lecterns as an object to hold a book open and that you can use in any situation, in the car, in your bathtub, in your room etc..